Racing will be sailed and scored according to the Uniform Sailing Instructions found in the 2018 CORA Skippers Guide, with the following modifications:

Classes to be started and scored for the Summer Series I are as follows:
Class A: Spinnaker PHRF <66
Class S: Spinnaker 66-132
Class B: Spinnaker >132
Class V: VX-One and Viper 640
Class C: Spinnaker meeting CORA D/L and SA/D criteria
Class D: Non-spinnaker PHRF 200 and above
Class N: Non-spinnaker

Modification of 11.4 The start will be between an orange ball and a yellow tetrahedron, with the starting line set approximately 50 -75 yards off the Carolina YC dock. All Classes will start on this new start line.

Modification of 12.1. The finishing line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the Carolina YC dock and an orange ball finishing mark.

Please check Section 17. SCORING. We will continue racing on successive Wednesdays starting May 16th until we have completed 6 races for Summer Series I.


Summer Series I
06-20-2018 6:15 pm
CYC Start Line
Summer Sailstice
06-23-2018 6:30 pm
CYC Start Line
Summer Series
06-27-2018 6:15 pm
CYC Start Line
CORA Board Meeting
07-10-2018 6:30 pm
Charleston Yacht Club
Summer Series
07-11-2018 6:15 pm
CYC Start Line
Summer Series
07-18-2018 6:15 pm
CYC Start Line
North Sails
Sadler and Hamm Insurance
The City Boat Yard
Heber Tech
Quantum Sails Charleston